Alexei Pavlovskiy
Comics researcher based in Saint Petersburg, Russia,
founder of the «ComixStudies» project
Research interests: (post)memory, (auto)biography in comics, history of comic art in Russia, oral history of Russian comics writers, culture of the late Socialism, the 1990s in Russian collective memory.

2016 - present
MA in History, European University at Saint Petersburg, Department of History: in my current thesis I investigate memory on the Wild Age of Russian comics of 1980s and 1990s.
2012 - 2016
BA in History, Saint Petersburg State University, Institute of History. Thesis: «The Beat Generation in the USA of 1950-1960s: gender aspects».
Selected articles [In Russian]
Pavlovskiy A. Comicsophobia in the Soviet Union // The «Izotext» collection of articles. Moscow: RGUB, 2016. P.86-96.

—. «Constructing Non-Soviet»: How did comics become Non-Soviet art? // The 10th International conference «Constructing Soviet?» collection of articles. Saint Petersburg: European University at Saint Petersburg Press, 2016. P.89-97.
Web-publications [In Russian]
Pleshak D., Pavlovskiy A. (2016) The Remezov Chronicle. Russian comics in XVII century? Non-classical view on the historical document. [online] Available at: [Accessed 15.07.2017]
The «ComixStudies» conference presentations (Saint Petersburg, Comics Library) [In Russian]
5th ComixStudies (March 25, 2017):

Pavlovskiy A. "In search of authenticity": Ascold Akishin's "My Comics-Biography" and the transformation of autobiographic writing.

—. Do we need the comics museum in Russia? And if we do need it then what we should keep there?

4th ComixStudies (October 1, 2016)

—. The Diversity of Comics forms: comics culture and society.

2nd ComixStudies (July 23, 2016):

—. History of comics in Russia: the reflection on the book of Jose Alaniz «Komiks: Comic Art in Russia» (2010).

—. Comics studio «Mukha» (1990-95) and «the Wild Age» of Russian comics».

1st ComixStudies (June 25, 2016):

—. Russian comics and Russian classics: from "The Kharmsiad" to our times.

—. Practices of the visual historical writing: comics as an academic text.
Selected conference presentations [In Russian]
Pavlovskiy A. The Past and the Future of Russia in the «Veles» comics (1992-1995) 2nd conference of comics researchers «Izotext». Moscow, RGUB. May 18, 2017.

—. «Russian history in a coma»: the Bubble's comics «Friar» (2012-2015) and images of the Russian history. The All-Russian conference "Hypermarket of meanings: historical knowledge in public space". Perm, Perm State University. April 20, 2017.

—. Comicsophobia in the Soviet Union. The conference of comics researchers «Izotext». Moscow, RGUB. May 19-20, 2016.

—. «Constructing Non-Soviet»: How did comics become Non-Soviet art? The 10th International conference «Constructing Soviet?». Saint Petersburg, European University at Saint Petersburg. April 22-23, 2016.

Other public performances
[In Russian]
«Who Created the first Comics?». Lectures for «The Children's University of Saint Petersburg». February-March, 2017.

«Why Comics in Russia are not loved?»: Comicsophobia from Kornei Chukovskiy to our days». Big Festival of Comics. Saint-Petersburg. April 17, 2016.
Interview [In Russian]
How and why do we need to research comics? Interview with Alexei Pavlovskiy (2016) [online] Available at: [Accessed 15.07.2017]
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