6th "ComixStudies"
Submission of the conference papers and application deadline:
September 15, 2017.
"Understanding comics is a serious business" as always we stick to this belief. The "ComixStudies" project and the Comics library of Saint Petersburg announce the start of the application process for the 6th conference of comics researchers. The conference will be held: November 18-19, 2017.
Who can study comics?
Anyone. Anyone who is interested in the academic study of the comics forms culture. Historians, art and culture experts, linguists, philosophers, psychologists, teachers, and translators all are welcome to participate.
Whom do we want to take part?
We invite students, postgraduates, young researches and experts in humanities, who are eager to discuss the existence of comics forms and to show a new approach for the research of the Russian and international comics culture.
Conference languages

Russian, English.
Submission of the conference papers and application deadline

September 15, 2017.
Topics of the conference
We equally welcome the researches of American, European or Asian comics, serialized comics, graphic novels, and other comics forms.
1. Diversity of comics forms
The semiotics and the ways of existence of comics forms throughout the human history; the newest forms of comics in the digital age.
2. Comics as an intermediary for memory
(Post)memory, cultural memory, history politics and trauma, history of Russia and of other countries in comics; comics and (auto)biography; comics and public history; comics and nationalism.
3. Comics communities
The research of comics communities, convention culture, comics publishers, subcultures; fanzines and DIY-culture; oral history of comics artists; history of reading comics; phobia of comics.
4. Gender and sexuality
Gender and sexuality in comics; comics and disability.
5. Ideological criticism
Criticism of ideologies in comics; comics as a form of protest; political comics; postcolonial comics study.
6. Comics and literature
Comics adaptations of classical and contemporary literature.
7. Superhero comics
Superheroism and heroic aspect in comics.
8. Learning/treatment via comics
Comics as an instrument of learning; comics and psychotherapy.
9. Comics and museum
Preservation of comics forms in museums, museums of comics.
10. Comics translation
Difficulties of comics translation and translation studies.
11. Comics advertisement
Brands in comics, comics as a form of advertisement
12. Your topic
You do not need to be limited by the topics mentioned above; we await your suggestions and ideas!
How can you participate?
In order to participate you need to fill in the application form and to send the conference paper to the «Comics Studies» organization committee's e-mail: comixstudies@yandex.ru before September 15, 2017.
What are the digest requirements for papers?
We intend to publish conference papers in the digest this year. Your paper should be a wholesome article with a substantial scholarly examination of comics forms.

The article length may range from 15000 to 30000 characters including spaces, footnotes, and a reference list. Format requirements: Microsoft Word; Times New Roman font; 14-pt.; 1.5 spacing; footnotes, reference list in the end. Papers should contain an abstract of 500-700 characters in Russian or in English with a short description of your research and with 4-7 keywords. The article must be written either in Russian or in English.

If you wish your papers will be published on the "ComixStudies" project's website: comixstudies.com.
Examples for references
Макклауд С. Понимание комикса. М.: Белое Яблоко, 2016. С.122.
Барзах А. О поэтике комикса // Русский комикс: сб. статей. М.: НЛО, 2010. С. 9-52.
Alaniz J. Komiks: Comic Art in Russia. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2010. P. 196.
Lent J.A. The Comics Debates Internationally // A Comics Studies Reader. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2009. P.72.
To the participants of the previous conferences

The participants of the last conferences are also welcome to prepare their papers for the publication in the digest and on the website.
How does the application form look like?
First and last name:
Current place of studies/work:
Title of a paper:
Academic interests:
Contacts (phone number, e-mail, social networks):
Your photo in a high resolution for the avatar.

Informational partners
If you want to become an informational partner or a sponsor of the conference do not hesitate to contact us.
If you have any questions regarding the application process, writing papers for the "ComixStudies" digest, their editing and publishing, write to the founder of the project Alexey Pavlovskiy: comixstudies@yandex.com.

Contact us if you have any suggestions for roundtables or individual panels with artists, scriptwriters, publishers, and comic book sellers.
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